Biden about to change the dynamics of the DNC Presidential campaign.

President Obama and Vice, Joe Biden
At 73, Joe Biden is old enough to be Barack Obama's father. He was a Senator representing Delaware in the US Senate from 1973 until he became Vice President in 2008, which is 35 years. Obama was 12 when he first won a seat in the Senate.

But all these don't matter. If they didn't matter when Biden was chosen as Obama's running mate (twice), it won't matter if (and when) the former is selected/elected to succeed the former.

He is about to throw his hat in the ring, and that may signal the end of Hillary Clinton's roller-coaster campaign for the White House.

Is America ready for a female president? Are they willing to have a repeat of the Bush's encore?

I believe Biden will make a better leader than Clinton. Among other things, he's not controversial, is very circumspect and doesn't talk too much.

We might have a 3rd Bush at the White House, if the DNC fields Clinton.
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