Nothing was sure about Sure-P

I'm one of those who were skeptical of the real intentions of those who set up the contraption, Sure-P. Haven't we been vindicated?

By the very circumstances of its establishment, I knew instinctively that it wouldn't survive, much less deliver on the much vaunted objectives.

As someone who was irrefragably suspicious of and certainly not in love with the GEJ leadership and government, I believed, and did say, that Sure-P was a huge scam.

The autopsy, which has thankfully been commissioned, will most definitely reveal that baby Sure-P was fatally wounded in the womb.
I questioned Dr. Christopher Kolade's decision to accept the Chair of that agency. His response (or justification) reminded me of PMB's when he accepted to manage Abacha's PTF.

There are many people who owe Nigeria and Nigerians apologies for crimes against the state and the people. Sure-P is surely one reason to apologize.
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