Ripped jeans trend rises to a new level

By Maggie Parker

Wide-leg, bootcut, boyfriend, skinny: Over the years it’s become clear that jeans can come in all shapes and sizes. Recently though, fashion brands have been experimenting with clear panel mom jeans, backside zippers, missing leg pants, and more.

However, a Japan-based designer is testing the limits of the denim spectrum. At Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo, Thibaut sent a model down the runway in a new style of “jeans.”

While the original pair seemed to have been loose-fitting, high-waisted jeans, the deconstructed version is missing both the front and back panels of the legs, leaving nothing but the seams — just thin strips of denim going down the inseam and outer seam — and held together at the ankles.

Due to all the missing material, the garment — which, in its final rendition, can hardly be considered pants — reveals lots of skin, some of which wouldn’t be appropriate to expose in public. That’s why the model was styled wearing the jeans with a tan leotard. She also wore gray New Balance sneakers, looking sexy-mom on the top but too-lazy-to-shop-for-new-pants-dad on the bottom.

So would anyone actually dare wear these in public? Possibly Kendall Jenner, considering she’s worn a pretty similar pair. This past spring, the model stepped out in what can only be described as jean shorts, with frayed seams running down the sides of her legs and frayed cuffs around her ankles.
Kendall Jenner

Thibaut’s jeans, on the other hand, have less thigh coverage, but more seams.

So, the question remains: Will Jenner rock this new style? Only time will tell.
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