South Eastern vaccination and its distrust linkage

Military outreach

By Akinloye Oyeniyi.
Immediate necessity and ultimate concern for national issues has once again dragged me out to comment on the ongoing brickbats on South Easterners rejection of the Army and its vaccination programme.

I have read few outbursts raised against the South Easterners, and others against the Army. But I shall lay out how the federal government and Army caused the reaction, and why the Igbos reacted as did.

Since the inception of this government, both the government and Igbos have been on each others jugular about victimisation of their land and people. And since that started, the government is yet to raise the bar that should ordinarily convince the Igbos they are wrong about that notion.

I shall itemise few instances to show why Igbos are skeptical about anything this government and any of its agents are advancing towards East.

1. National appointments made so far is yet to bring in equal numbers in all regions. South East slot in NNPC Board for example, is yet to be filled;
2. Defence, interior, military and para-military postings are largely lopsided;
3. President Buhari's 97% and 5% governance script statement in the USA;
4. Militarisation of the region to carry out police duties in a constitutional democracy citing robbery, kidnapping etc, and show of force parade.
5. Latest military Python Dance onslaught in a civil matter; and
6. Military's initial illegal designation of IPOB as a terrorist group.

With the above factors, it is worrisome that the government and military will time the vaccination to be now.

The people who already formed the background of you and your agents having disdain for them?

The people who knew the hotbed of kidnapping is Abuja-Kaduna expressway, yet a python is yet to dance there?

The people who knew what Southern Kaduna, Agatus etc are going through yet no python is dancing there?

The people whose fear of you, you have cemented with your corroboral actions?

The people who knew there are lots and lots of people, including victims of Boko Haram, IDPs etc in the North East, who are more vulnerable to diseases, and the government and its agents in their love for the people never thought it wise to channel such health outreach to them?

The people who witnessed few weeks ago how thousands where killed by the military in their midst?

The people who are still mourning, and aware that crocodile is going to also smile to their fellow Southerners soon?

The people who are aware monkey is already poxing in their midst in the South?

Yet, the government and the military in their own very high and sophisticated military intelligence, planned, packaged and timed such project targeted at same set of people, and they never smelt the thought of the Igbos seeing it as a deceit, and ploy to biologically infect and depopulate them?

I must say that the vaccination came as a miscalculation on the part of the government and the military. It is wrongly timed and highly misplaced a priority.

Let the government disabuse the minds of the Southerners, especially the Igbos, first. 

Let the military health arm face and be done with the IDPs, and other vulnerables in emergencies; and allow our primary health care givers attend to the rest of us for now.
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