BBNaija: Lolu and Anto in a long kiss signifying they've made-up

Lolu and Anto

Last night in Big Brother House, Lolu appeared to have made tremendous success in wooing back Anto, his love interest in the House before she was evicted and later brought back to the game, courtesy of viewers votes. 

Following Anto's return to the Big Brother House, things were no longer the same between the two after Anto discovered Lolu has someone outside the house. 

Though there have been talks and apologies and contempt from her to him Lolu, couple of days back, could not stand the fact that Anto passed the night with Tobi, and had to spend his own night in the bath tub, sulking....possibly.

But last night, he seemed to have made the right moves that seemed to have paid off right back into Anto's heart.

After a long smooth talk about his feelings for her, how he could not stand seeing her with other guys, how his life will be empty without her and how genuine his affections for her are, Anto gave in and allowed for a long passionate kiss that may or may not have gone beyond that as the camera switched to other housemates doing their own things too at various ends of the house.

How far can Lolu and Anto keep their love flame burning?

Let's just keep our fingers crossed..... 
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