Megan's mother was pregnant with her while glued to her TV watching Harry's parent's fairy tale wedding

Sealed with a kiss
With her mother on her way to the church

When in 1981, a pregnant young American lady joined millions the world over to watch on their TV sets the wedding of the decade, little did she know how much the nuptials of Princess Diana and Prince Charles would impact her life in the years to come.

In fact, the young pregnant mother was said to have been so "obsessed" with watching video reruns of Diana’s fairy tale wedding never knowing in her wildest dreams just how close to home the video would be.

That young American lady is 61-year-old Doria Ragland, who today in a turning point event watched live in Windsor, England, that child she was caring in her belly then, Megan Markle, marry Prince Harry, a product of that fairy tale wedding she watched on television about 37 years ago. 

And by this development, Dori's daughter will from now on have the opportunity of representing the Queen of England as the Duchess of Sussex, a title bestowed on her by the Queen as Harry becomes the Duke of Sussex.

It was indeed an emotional event for Doria so if you saw he drop a tear or more today at the royal wedding of her daughter, who was centre of the world’s attraction, you can only imagine why.   

Megan Markle, 36, got married to Prince Harry, whose mother died when she was also 36 Saturday, May 19, 2018 at St George's Chapel. That, you may also add, is another irony of fate.

And despite the pair's romance, which initially came as a surprise to many Brits, the actress, it appears, has more in common with Harry's beloved late mum, Princess Diana, than may be realized by many.

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