Musa Asake: Our hero is gone, say Northern Christians

The Late Asake
The Northern Christian Elders Forum (NOCEF) says it received with shock news of the death of one of her strong pillars and General Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Musa Asake. 

The forum, which says its members are in pains because it is very difficult to use one word or expression to describe Asake, however described him as an epitome of humility, unassuming and selfless man who is not greedy. 

Sunday Oibe, Public Relations Officer of the forum, in a press statement, wrote: I"n my interaction with him since I met him, Asake keeps telling me that he was born in poverty, enjoys growing in poverty and doesn’t look for money. But he held on to his fate very strongly and his passion for the church in Nigeria, particularly in the North is very wonderful.

"Asake is an epitome of humility, his death has created a very big vacuum in the body of Christ in Nigeria, the North, NOCEF and TEKAN/ECWA. Asake is many things to different people. But to us, he’s a hero that deserves celebration.

"You can see the humility of Jesus Christ in him. Anytime we talk, Philippians Chapter 2 guides him. It said, ‘let this man be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.’ He is guided by the spirit of humility, as exemplified by the Lord, Jesus Christ. People who are Junior to Asake will abuse him. And Asake will take it humbly." 

The statement said further that the late Asake didn’t fight in defence of himself but in defence of his faith and fought for the less-privileged people; adding that even when people "insulted and fought him, Asake would say, ‘Jesus is enough to defend me.’ 

"Those of us in NOCEF, we are in pains. We have lost one great man among us, we in the TEKAN/ECWA family have lost a great leader," the statement concluded. 

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