Muslims in Oyo protest occupation of Palestine land by Israel

protest in Palestine
Muslims in Oyo State on Friday organised a peaceful protest against the continuous occupation of Palestinian  land by Israel as well as the  transfer of the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

It would be recalled that the United States had on May 14 formally opened  her embassy in Jerusalem, saying it remains the capital of  Israel.

But speaking on the sidelines of the protest,  Mr Atta Rasheed, the Coordinator of the Al-Qudus Foundation, said Israel had  been occupying  portions of  Palestine  land   unlawfully  since 1948.

Rasheed called on all peace loving people of the world and nations with sympathy for justice and human dignity  not only to condemn the  act but sanction Israel, US and their allies.

He urged other nations to severe their relationship with Israel  by withdrawing their  ties.

In his contribution, the Chief  Imam of Alegongo, Sheikh Ismail Bushari, said Muslims were unhappy with the wrongful occupation of Palestine  land by Israel.

“Muslims, Nigerian  government, United Nations  and other countries  are not in support of the US moving her embassy to Jerusalem because it is against the rights  of the Palestinians,’’ he said. (NAN)

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