Putin names key task for Russian Government in coming years

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin

Raising the real income of the Russian citizens will be a major task for the country’s leadership in the coming years, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, told top government officials, ahead of his inauguration.

“In general, our key task for the next few years is a significant rise of the citizens’ real income.

“And there is a good foundation for that now.

“The economy has grown more stable, it has handled the sharp fall of oil prices, attempts to put pressure via sanctions, the changes of the global political settings,” the president said, as quoted in the press release of the Kremlin, issued Monday.

The president noted that the actions of the government allowed to overcome the slump in the economy, ensure the restoration and revitalisation of many sectors.

Putin said that the increase of salaries of state employees, including doctors, teachers and other professionals, was an important result.

Earlier, the presidential spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said that Putin had gathered the government members in the Kremlin and thanked them for their work.

“In the evening on Sunday, the president met with the members of the government.

“In his address to them, Putin thanked all cabinet members, the staff of ministries, agencies, the government, for the significant results in tackling the challenges that Russia is facing,” the spokesman said.

The president stressed that the last six-year term of the government had been filled with “new challenges and extraordinary events in the country as well as in the world,” according to Peskov.

“The government has been working extremely well, as a good team, and that, as Putin noted, was largely possible because of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev,” Peskov said.

Putin was re-elected as president in March election. (Sputnik/NAN)

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