Was Michelle Obama shading Melania Trump when she called herself the ‘Forever First Lady?’

Michelle Obama in double denin top on the occasion

By Erin Silvia
Michelle Obama gave a speech to high school students at 2018 College Signing Day in Philadelphia on May 2 and she called herself the ‘forever First Lady’. Was she trying to diss Melania Trump? 

Michelle Obama, 54, addressed thousands of high school students with confidence for the 2018 College Signing Day in Philadelphia at Temple University on May 2 and she was brave enough to call herself the “forever First Lady”! 

“I know you have everything it takes to succeed,” Michelle said to the 8,000 students in her speech. “I know that you are me, and if I can be standing here as your forever First Lady, then you can do anything you put your mind to. 

"So remember this moment when you’re out there.” Michelle’s encouraging words brought cheers from the enthusiastic crowd proving she’s still an inspiration even though she’s no longer in the White House.

As inspirational as Michelle’s comment may be, we can’t help but wonder what current First Lady Melania Trump, 48, thinks about it. Was Michelle disregarding Melania’s role or was she simply expressing that she would always be there as a role model for America? It’s not clear but given Michelle’s good nature, we’re pretty sure she didn’t mean any harm by her comment!

Speaking of Michelle’s good nature, College Signing Day was started by Michelle and her hubby, former President Barack Obama, 56, back in 2014 and was designed to celebrate students who made the big decision to go off to college. 

This was Michelle’s fifth appearance at the annual event and she seemed just as eager to speak to the new generation as she did the first time around. In addition to Michelle, the event usually has high-profile celebrities that speak to the students. 

This year, Michelle was joined by Robert DeNiro, Camila Cabello, Zendaya, Rebel Wilson and Bradley Cooper.
~Hollywood Life
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