Latest from Dallas on Texas-based Nigerian woman and her nude photos…Family blames juju for action

By Rose Moses

Now that it is confirmed that the imaginary woman who allegedly took a dive into the lagoon on Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos, in the minds of some Nigerians, is not the same woman whose nude and other amorous, inappropriate photos trending on social media and elsewhere, are not the same, some family members and friends of the woman in the photos are coming up with excuses for her behavior.

For a fact, Toyin, who appeared in the photos, is a married woman living in Dallas with children. There is no doubt about her extra marital relationship with the man in the photos with her identified as Femi, who lives in Nigeria. Femi obviously is married.

There is also no doubt that the photos of her and the man that you all have been watching are real. 

And she did not jump. She is alive...the only good side to the debauchery. 

The two have been in a sizzling relationship for some time now and even appear as legal hot couple in some of their photos together, apparently taken in Nigeria. 

As a matter of fact, sane minds cannot bring themselves up to sharing some really obscene, lewd and vulgar photos circulating inbox, some of which Toyin obviously took herself. You know what I mean? Selfie, they call it.

Unfortunately, it was her 'rival' or 'mate' in the illicit relationship, another married Nigerian woman who also lives in Texas, that did her in. 

The wicked other woman when she got hold of the photos, blackmailed Toyin with them, demanding her own share of 'compensation,' or she would make them public. All that is now history.

Well, Toyin is now living with the consequences of her foolishness. And something must be blamed for it, “as per we Africans.” And it is usually the devil.

The new angle to the whole saga is that Toyin was under some form of spell or charm. Imagine. Just imagine!

Friends and family are now saying 'Femi the beast' used juju to tie Toyin’s brain from reasoning. Or how do you think a grown, educated and exposed woman of Toyin’s standing could live the doors so wide open in such a risky escapade?

Let’s keep looking for the meaning of ‘iberiberism’

Meanwhile, stay glued on this page for more on the iberibe story.

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