Veteran journalist Ben-Bright Mkpuma in need of financial help for kidney transplant

Mkpuma on his sick bed

Mr. Ben Bright Mkpuma is a well-travelled and successful Nigerian journalist who has worked with so many local and international media organizations, including one he set up himself, watchdog, until he was diagnosed of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). 

He has been bedridden for 3 years now since he started battling kidney failure. His condition hasn’t gotten any better and the only hope of survival now is to get a kidney transplant. 

To stay alive till transplant is possible, he is currently undergoing dialysis at least 3 times a week with a nephrologist. 

The financial burden has been so much for his family because the dialysis costs at least N90, 000 a week and N360, 000 monthly, apart from medications that help control the blood pressure. 

According to the doctors, if he is not placed on dialysis, he will die. Of the 17,000 new cases of CKD that are diagnosed yearly, only 2000 can afford dialysis treatment in Nigeria.

To perform a kidney transplant for Mr. Mkpuma, his family needs to raise at least 8.5 million. But even before that, there will be medical tests for possible donors, and each test cost about N2 million.

After a successful transplant, his doctors also said that there will be a Post-Transplant stage of recovery and reintegration. This includes drugs and injections for one year that will cost another N6 million. this is the only way he can be fit and live normal again. 

"I am asking for help from all Nigerians. My family has done their best but it won’t be enough unless I get more financial support from others. I need their financial help for the transplant and to live well again, even after the transplant. God will reward you as you help me," he said on his sick bed. 

Prominent among media organisations Mr. Mkpuma has worked with include, CNBC, Abuja times, Financial Standard, Telegraph and AIT.

Kindly help Mr. Mpkuma live again. Below is the bank account information for donation.

Account Number: 1003711887
Account Name: Ben Bright Mkpuma
Bank: Zenith Bank.
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