Nengi reveals she's had liposuction and other drama you may have missed in Big Brother House this weekend

From Erica and Wathoni's infamous clash to Ozo and Prince reigniting the bro code over Nengi, Friday night had an overflow of drama.

Die hard fans of the latest season of Big Brother Naija will agree that alcohol filled nights set the perfect mood for premium entertainment.

In the wake of Prince's Arena games win, the housemates were treated to drinks on the house which as you may have already guessed, loosened mouths and caused flaring emotions.

Here are the highlights of all the drama you probably missed:

Nengi admits she had liposuction

Nengi shocked housemates last night with the admission that her body isn't all natural. The voluptuous housemate revealed that while the procedure isn't something to be ashamed of, people have tried to make her stay quiet about it.

For viewers, the speculations about Nengi's almost perfect curves can finally be laid to rest.
Hear her to Ozo:  Most times, I tell people I’ve had liposuction. What’s there? To me, there’s nothing there. If I ever have a procedure again, I’ll blog about it. I regret not putting it in a blog at first. I should have.

Ozo and Prince's sign language suggest they may have initiated the Bro Code

Ozo and Prince are currently on trial before Twitter NG's jury following Friday night's bro code exchange. The housemates made signs suggesting Ozo may be using his head over his heart in his relationship with Nengi.

The exchange followed a comment Nengi made about how she treats men outside the house.

Erica ends the night in tears following fight with Wathoni

Erica and Wathoni had a heated argument following a statement Wathoni made about Kiddwaya.

A clearly upset Erica walked away from the situation and into the arms of her beau, Kiddwaya where she tried to cry herself to sleep.

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