BBNaija Reunion: I made mistakes in the house but I’ve moved on ~Dorathy


The Big Brother Naija Lockdown Reunion show has captured the attention of many for some weeks, particularly because of the many bombshells that have been dropped by the former housemates.

One of the ex-housemates, Dorathy Bachor, who revealed that she had oral sex with another former contestant, BrightO, noted that the reunion was like a therapeutic session for her. 

She told Saturday Beats, “I am not a Twitter finger or someone that addresses a lot of things on the Internet. For me, the reunion was a chance to say the truth and also address certain things that were making the rounds on the Internet. It was more of me defending myself from all that had been said about me. 

I wanted a face-to-face conversation where everyone would have an opportunity to speak up and move on from the drama. There was no bad blood at all. Me and Prince are fine, too. The reunion show was shot in April and we have both moved past the saga. We have always been friends. And, friends will have misunderstandings.

“There is nothing more to say about the situation between me and BrightO. The incident happened in the house. I am an adult. I made a mistake, owned up to it and I have moved past it. Anybody trying to hold on to it and saying nasty comments about me is just hurting themselves not me. 

Everybody grows and moves past certain phases in their lives. Judging by previous editions, I have come to realise that the BBNaija tag will never go away because that’s what people associate us with. It would get better over time but some people will continue to use the prefix before our name. One can correct (some people) sometimes but one should not be aggressive about it. With time, people will adjust. Everyone is working hard to build their careers apart from BBNaija, but the platform really helped.”

Bachor also stated that it took a lot for her to promote her lingerie line by wearing bra and panties. She said, “It was not easy and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to do it but it’s my brand and if I don’t push my brand, nobody will. I knew what I wanted, so I had to do what it takes to push the brand. It was just for people to see that I was confident enough to wear them. 

Moreover, many ladies wear bikinis. It’s just always a problem when a big girl wears it. It was not hard for me to get plus-size models because a lot of people have become more confident with their bodies. They are also professionals.”
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