Angel’s kiss, other factors that led to Kayvee’s emotional detachment – BBNaija report


Housemates, fans, and audience of Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye show, have expressed concern over Kayvee’s emotional detachment in the show.

Kayvee had appeared detached and isolated from other housemates, a character that caused concern from the housemates and fans.

His latest show of emotion was on Monday morning, where Kayvee suddenly broke down in tears during the work out sessions and housemates tried to console him.

A recent report from Big Brother Naija official website has stated some of the factor that have led to Kayvee’s “emotional rollercoaster.”

According to the report, Kayvee’s recent attitude which Whitemoney referred to as “weird” can be traced to his initial kiss with Angel, housemates’ accusation and a recent self-image task.

Kayvee’s first kiss with Angel

On his first night in the show, Kayvee chose to kiss Angel during the Truth or Dare game.

Before kissing Angel, Kayvee wasn’t aware that she was romantically involved with Sammie as he had just come into the house.

When Angel and Sammie’s fight broke out because of the kiss, Kayvee felt disturbed and at fault.

Angel’s encouragement that he wasn’t at fault didn’t make him feel any better as he could no longer confide in her after she broke her promise of never talking to Sammie again

Reactions from housemates

After the live eviction show on Sunday, Kayvee confided in Tega, Michael, and Saskay that he felt isolated because housemates shunned him.

He said, “I overheard a conversation where people seemed to be calling me a liar, because I talked about being street. It’s hard to be looked at like I’m a liar every time I say something.”

The conversation didn’t help either as he withdrew himself from other housemates and stayed by himself at the garden all night.

Later that night, some housemates lamented on Kayvee’s “weird” attitude and JMK suggested that Kayvee needed a psyche examination.

Self-image task

It is pertinent to note that Kayvee’s feelings of isolation come shortly after the self-image task on Saturday.

The task had the housemates reflecting on the derogatory words that have been used to describe them, an act that led to outpouring of emotions.

Few of the housemates were left in tears after the task and this may have provoked some form of emotional rollercoaster for Kayvee.

However, fans and housemates are hopeful that Kayvee would get help as Biggy called him into a private Diary Session on Monday.

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