BBNaija: Michael, Saga receive Strikes for destroying Big Brother property

Michael and Saga

Biggie gives Michael and Saga Strikes for destruction of property in the Big Brother House

Two Big Brother Housemates, Saga and Michael, have each received a Strike from Big Brother following behaviour earlier in the week that led to damage to the House. 

This comes despite both of them apologising for their actions during the earlier Diary Room sessions. Once all the Housemates had assembled in the Lounge, they were required to watch videos of their infringements.

The first showed a very emotional Michael smashing a whole into a wall, while the second showed an over-enthusiastic Saga jump onto a lintel, trying to do a pull-up, but pulling it down, instead.

"Saga, you attempted to hang on the lintel of the Arena door, thereby destroying the frame cover. Is this not so?"

"Yes, Big Brother," was the response.

"Michael, on the same Friday night you put your strength to test and punched a hole on the bedroom wall - Impressive strength... and as you may be aware, strength without control can lead to destruction. Is this not so?

"Yes, Big Brother."

"You have both been found guilty of breaking a fundamental House rule and are hereby issued a Strike. Two more Strikes and you will be disqualified from the Big Brother ‘Shine Ya Eye’ House."

Saga and Michael thus joined Pere as the only remaining Housemates with Strikes against their names. They were informed by Big Brother that should they survive the nights eviction, they would be expected to serve a light punishment. How would this change the mood in the House? 

Saga,however, survived by the whiskers while Michael was evicted, Sunday night.
~Courtesy, BBNaija website 
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