Mbaise Global Foundation harps on women’s economic development

A cross section of participants at the conferenced

Mbaise Global Foundation (MGF) is sensitizing Mbaise women toward their mission of building a first class community in a third world country. The organization is on track to facilitate activities for Mbaise women and girls in ways that would enable them to contribute more and effectively to the economic and social growth of the community and themselves as individuals. 

The Foundation emphasizes the importance of women in all societies, developed economies, as well as emerging markets.

MGF says women need to be encouraged financially to enable them contribute more to the economic development of their communities in particular and the nation in general, and this is “the brain behind the Foundation."

The awareness was created at a MGF Women Development Advisory Council stakeholders meeting, home and abroad, held at Chris VI Hotels, Ahiara, Mbaise on Saturday, September 11, 2021.

Chairperson and Director Women Development, Dr. Linda Ngozi Imoh, explained that MGF is a non-profit entity that serves as the main vehicle for raising and managing funds for developmental projects in Mbaise.

Chairperson and Director Women Development, Dr. Linda Ngozi Imoh

She reiterated that the idea of the meeting was to create awareness for MGF Women Development Council and her mission, especially among Mbaise women, and also to engage and seek the support of women leaders in creating a better socioeconomic status for Mbaise women.

Imoh, a medical doctor based in the United States, said the meeting was used to introduce the MGF mission and vision and the women development council to Mbaise women.

It was also used as a vehicle to propose and create a unified forum to promote the welfare of Mbaise women.

“The purpose of the women’s meeting is to inform Mbaise women about MGF and the Women Development sector of the foundation and seek their support in our efforts to fulfill our mission of improving the socioeconomic status of women and young girls in Mbaise.”

She told the attendees to love one another and to create awareness in their homes so that every woman can be carried along in the vision of MGF.

The meeting was also addressed physically by the Deputy Chairman of the Board of MGF, Mr. Frank Nneji, and the Executive Director, Mr. Chris Ohanele, who linked up by zoom.

Aboh Mbaise co-Chairperson, Mrs. Uchechi Ogbonna, said the meeting was targeted at women to know the aims and objectives of MGF, whose vision is to transform Mbaise into a first class community in a third world country, address women’s issues in Mbaise and improve access to finance for women to enable them start and grow small scale businesses.

Mrs. Ogbonna said these measures will not only contribute more effectively to the economic development of Mbaise but also improve the standard of living of the womenfolk.

Some of the participants 

"Mbaise must be developed with or without government, therefore all hands should be on deck. The effort of MGF is to complement the effort of government in developing Mbaise. MGF has come to develop the women and sensitise its citizens in economic development," she said.

Mrs. Berna Chinyere Teteh, co-chair representing Ahiazu local government, Mrs. Ngozi Uruakpa-Nwanebu, the chairperson representing Ezinihitte local government and Dr. Tessy Nwachukwu-Udoaku Okere, a member of Council also attended the meeting, which was both physical and virtual.

Barrister Ogechi Njoku-Ehirim, special adviser to the Imo State government on NGO, Grants, Anchor Borrowers and Cooperatives was present at the event, as well as Honourable Nora Anosike, a former representative of Ezinihitte local government.

The keynote address, “The Mbaise Woman at a Glance,” was delivered by Lady Rosekate Ogbu, former Registrar, Imo State University.

Many of the women who attended the meeting said they were glad at the vision and mission of the group.

Mrs. Theresa Anyanwu, a business woman from Ahiazu Mbaise, said she was impressed by what she heard.
“I am very happy. I have been looking forward to this kind of workshop. The world has changed. A woman’s role is no longer in the kitchen. Women need to be economically empowered and knowledge is power. This forum is a step in the right direction,” she said.

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