Lady drags actress Mercy Johnson on IG ‘for bad behavior’

Actress Mercy Johnson has revealed that a teacher in her first daughter Purity's school who does not like her has been intimidating her.

According to her, since her 8-year-old daughter resumed at her new school, she has been complaining about a particular teacher who comes to her class just to let her know that she does not like the actress.

Lady counters Mercy Johnson

A lady identified as Nancychidera has taken to Instagram to counter Mercy's post and also to call her out over her alleged bad behaviour.

According to Nancy, Purity was sent away from her former school because of "the actress' demental attitude and refusal to train her children".

She continued by saying that Purity was corrected by a teacher and Mercy in turn came to the school to wreak havoc and humiliate the headteacher.

Nancy added that Mercy thinks she is the most hated actress and during her display, she called her husband who in turn came with three hefty bodyguards to the school for disturbing his wife and child.

She also disclosed that the headteacher did not utter a word despite the humiliation and only stood there and cried while the actress assaulted her like a mad woman.

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