Sylvester Oromoni’s killers, collaborators must face the music

Three out of five alleged torturers


If it’s true that some of the parents of the killer squad at Dowen College, Lekki, have smuggled their minis out of the country, those monsters, sooner than later, will surely come back to kill them (their parents) in similar gruesome manner. 

So shall it be in Jesus name. Amen🙏🏻

In fact, where the parents fail to produce the alleged torturers, they, the parents should be taken.

Sealing the school by Lagos govt is a right step, for a start. If it turns out that truly, such deadly act has been going on in that enclave and authorities have been covering it up, they all should be treated as murderers.

The murder of Sylvester Oromoni should send a clear message to any spoilt brat, their parents and collaborating school authorities that you cannot get away with such wickedness.

I left home at the tender age of about 11, traveling very far from home when Unity Schools were truly Unity Schools, to a boarding school from start to finish. I never heard of bullying, although it was a new school then with just a set ahead of ours. 

The closest thing you may associate with the bullying we are seeing today, then, would be your seniors sending you on errands like: ‘fetch me some water, or they take from your provision, then with Church mind o, not hijacking everything. Or they ask you to wash a uniform or two for them (in fact, I think we had a laundry facility then where pupils’ only complaint was more like someone erroneously(?) taking either there school uniform, day-wear, or sports wear, the only clothes allowed). 

Most times, actually, they, the seniors, were the ones giving back as school mothers and fathers. 

I enjoyed my days in boarding school. So when I started hearing about this extreme wickedness by kids, it sounded so alien and strange. Where exactly did that childish innocence go to? What happened to parental upbringing?

The school authority then was fully responsible for all the students coming from all parts of the country. That way, they could hardly miss any strange behavior of any student, all of whom they got to know individually. So what happened to us, where did parenting go? What happened to teachers that did their job as alternate parents diligently and happily?

Yes, my school was one of the privileged in existence then, and so is Dowen of today. If such brutality is happening at places like Dowen, you can imagine what goes on at public schools around, where teachers are into other things.

No stone should be left unturned in bringing all those responsible in the premature death of young Sylvester to book😭😭

Anything short is unacceptable and any person aiding such will not know peace along with his/her generations yet unborn.

I am deeply pained and angry at this development which is one too many.

Enough of this wickedness!
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