Direct and Indirect Primary Brouhaha: Buhari is right



You see this direct and indirect primary brouhaha in the matter of Electoral Act Amendment Bill, Baba was right. He should not sign anything until they amend that section. Or completely remove it from the document, sef. 

After all, that is not our problem. Our issue in this matter is electronic transmission of election results. Periodt!

However the political parties wish to produce their candidates should be their internal problem and cup of tea. They should be at liberty to present credible or not credible candidates to the voters, the choice is theirs. 

What matters to ‘We the people” is that our votes must count. The only way right now for that to happen in the charade that passes as election in the country is for electronic transmission of results. Another Periodt!!

For those calling that the president can assent to the bill and later write for amendment of the section not agreeable to him, I ask: The one he wrote on the PIB, or whatever it’s called, have the selfish lawmakers addressed/amended it? 

Once beaten, they say, twice shy. Baba cannot be beaten twice by the gang at NASS. We have lawmakers that will never do anything right, except where it benefits them. 

In summary: Direct and indirect primary nor koncyn us. We want electronic transmission of election results and however the two arms of government choose to fight, they should ensure the process of electronic transmission of result is in place before the next general elections. Final Periodt!!!
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