Haneefa’s killers deserve capital punishment

The late Haneefa


What’s on my mind this morning? 5-yr-old Haneefa murdered by a barbarian that calls himself a school owner in Kano. 

And was it not in this same Kano that about 3-month-old baby was raped by a beast with the aid of his wife some years back?

Now, investigators must look at every possible motive, and actual act of the beast(s) before the murder of that angel. 

The animal that is the school proprietor’s alleged argument that they killed a 5y/o because she recognized him is balderdash. Before nko? Aren’t you her teacher, why won’t she recognize you? Or you think she’s as daft as you are?

Ok. Assuming, assuming we should even consider your stupid claim, if you are human and have some sense, you should be able to easily sway the mind of a 5y/o to see it another way. You could even have told her you came to save, rescue and hand her over to her parents, since you’ve devilishly already collected the N6(?) million ransom. 

As a soulless human with seared conscience that you are, you couldn’t fabricate a story to confuse this innocent beauty that you are all for her and taking her back to her parent. Yes, you may be thinking that you will come into the picture if eventually investigation is carried out, but a crook like you could still talk your way out of the scenario after returning the child to her parent, if you never meant to kill Haneefa. The joy of having back their daughter in this clime, may even prompt them to close the case

I will need to hear from very competent investigators to convince me otherwise that the intent by the barbaric school proprietor, ab initio, was not to kill. And for what?

So, is anyone also thinking what I am thinking….ritual murder, raped to death? That’s why they butchered her. And oh God, just imagine the scene. Chilling.

May anyone that had hand in any way in the killing of this innocent girl never know peace until they brutally come to their own end, by installments.
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