Nigerian doctor advises against use of toilet rolls, says harmful to anus

A Nigerian doctor, Dr Harvey Olufunmilayo has advised against toilet rolls after using the convenience.

The doctor, who is popular on Twitter advised the use of soap and water or wet towels instead of toilet rolls, which he claimed are harmful to the anus. 

Dr Olufunmilayo tweeted, "Never use toilet roll after you sh*t. Never use toilet roll after you sh*t. Can tear your anus, waste of time/money leaves your anus dirty and smelly.

"Can give you urine infection, stains your pant/boxers with sh*t. Toilet rolls are harmful for your anus.

"The real problem with a toilet roll is that it actually does not clean your anus properly. What a toilet roll does is to take off the top sh*t and smear the rest of the sh*t across your anus (and anus hair if you have some). This leftover sh*t can cause you medical problems.

"So what’s the best way to clean your anus after you sh*t? Use soap and water! Washing your anus with soap and water after you shit remains the most effective way of cleaning. If no soap (or time), The next best way is to use water only. If no soap and water, Use wet wipes."

Credit: Twitter | DrOlufunmilayo
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