COVID-19: Beat that vaccine apathy for your good and good of others

….Getting the jab


OK. So, I promised to keep the conspiracy theorists, especially, up to date with development a day after my booster shot against COVID-19.

You already know I got the jab yesterday, right? My third, actually, having completed the recommended two doses of AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine last year. 

First shot was taken on first day of April 2021. Second was on June 22, 2021. So yesterday, Jan. 7, 2022 was the booster and this time, Pfizer vaccine was administered. After the shot yesterday, I had a lot on my plate so I didn’t go straight to rest but for the first 15 minutes or so to be sure it wasn’t going to knock me down.

Afterwards, I ‘muuuved’, attending to every item on my bucket list and felt nothing abnormal. But that would just be for a time because by the time I got home, I began to feel a bit different… some aches here and there, especially on the arm where the shot was administered. And as the day progressed, I began to develop some mild fever.

Nothing to worry about, I told myself because I know it was all normal. 

So, I settled to go to bed early. Slept, woke up sometime in the night and still feeling slightly woozy. But like I said, I was very much aware the feeling was normal and therefore had nothing to worry about. It was just a matter of time and everything will get back to normal, I told myself.

For the conspiracy theorists, however, know thee that I woke up this morning, still my self, no inscription on my forehead and didn’t turn into a robot. Instead, I am happy that I am a ‘responsible somebody’ in the fight against COVID-19. So, you, who is reading this and yet to get the jab, what are you waiting for? Get up and go for it, more so, it is free! Why don’t you maximize this one opportunity where there is, at least, something of great importance coming free from the APC government?

Nonetheless, note that with my first shot, the side-effect was insignificant, in short, I didn’t notice anything, just like with my flu shot. Side effect was a bit more noticeable with my second shot. This third shot is coming with more aches, I must confess. Was still feeling woozy at breakfast after which I went back to sleep and up for lunch at the moment, feeling a lot better. I have no doubt that by tomorrow, I will be fit as fiddle again, with extra weapon against COVID-19.

Just so you know, people react to the vaccines differently and most of the feelings are normal, after all, your body is in receipt of some foreign bodies, but for good

So, I ask again: What are you waiting for? Go get this vaccine to save yourself and others from this virus that very much looks like it will be with us for a long time to come. Go put the vaccines to use before they expire so we don’t have to destroy them. 

And oh, the batch of the Pfizer jab I got, incidentally, will be expiring soon, 20th of this month, to be precise. Beat that vaccine apathy for your good and good of others.

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