I held my sister’s lifeless body, brother of Kaduna train attack victim recounts

A brother of one of the victims, Samira Muhammed, who lost her life during the unfortunate attack by terrorists on the Abuja-Kaduna rail has recounted his experience when he came across his sister’s dead body.

Muhammad’s brother had taken to his Twitter account via @daftandcurious on Tuesday at 7:18 a.m and had tweeted in a blend of Hausa and English.

“7:18 a.m and we have neither seen nor heard from my sister. Ya llahi, babu abinda ya fi karfin Ka, Ya Raab, Ka bayyana mana Farida Ka tsare ta a duk inda take. In kuma karshen ta ne yazo.

“Ya Allah, Ka sa wannan hutu ne gare ta”.

“(O God, nothing is beyond your power, O God help us know where Farida is and keep her wherever she is. And if this is the end, o Allah make this a resting place for her),” he wrote.

However, at around 10:40a.m, he tweeted that her dead body had been found.

“Inna lillahi wa inna illaihi rajiun Farida S. Muhammed. Allah ya sa shahada ne gareki.

“I just saw and held my sister’s cold lifeless body”.

Muhammed’s body, alongside the body of late medical doctor, Chinelo Nwando, a director at the National Board for Technical Education, Abdul Isa KofaMata, is one of those that have been identified by the Kaduna State Government.

Terrorists had on Monday night bombed the Abuja-Kaduna rail tracks and attacked a train filled with passengers.

Subsequently, the Nigerian Railway Corporation on Tuesday announced the suspension of train operations along the Abuja-Kaduna route indefinitely following the attacks.

The train attack was coming after terrorists, numbering over 200, on Saturday invaded the Kaduna International Airport located in Igabi Local Government Area in Kaduna State, disrupting the operation and killing one security personnel of the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency.

The attack caused panic at the airport and reportedly grounded a Lagos-bound AZMAN aircraft scheduled to take off at 12:30 pm.
~Courtesy, PUNCH.
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