WONDERFUL: In the face of scarcity, fuel distributed as souvenir at party

Truly, Nigeria is all shades of cruise. Or should I say a huge joke? Just when you think you’ve seen or heard it all, you will just be about being served with the weirdest of them all.

Who would think that what you are about to read would ever happen in a country so richly blessed with the finest of crude?

Now, listen to this: Amidst the biting fuel scarcity in many parts of the country, guests at a party, probably, were given the product as souvenir. Can you beat that? Gallons of petroleum now such a highly priced souvenir at a party!

From viral photo and video, and according to a tweet credited to ThisIsKennys, the fuel kegs bore stickers saying, "Erelu Okin Foundation Installation Party.”

Crazy things are indeed happening.
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