Domestic Violence: Osinachi acted like someone with no one to help her — Rev Uma Ukpai

The late Osinachi

Preacher and President of the Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Association Incorporated, Rev. Uma Ukpai, on Saturday, said Osinachi Nwachukwu sang for him three times but did not open up on her predicament and domestic violence which led to her death.

Ukpai stated this in an interview with journalists ahead of his special Easter evangelism session scheduled to take place at the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly in the Guzape District of Abuja.

Speaking on the death of the late gospel artiste, who died following alleged domestic violence from her husband, Ukpai urged Nigerians not to blame the church.

He said the incidence would have been averted if the late artiste had voiced out her plight.

Ukpai said the deceased acted like someone who had no one to help her.

He said, “The girl that died sang for me about three times and she never told me she had a problem. As someone popular, if a man was molesting her, she should have raised her voice and attracted help. People like me, I am ready to help her to confront the man.

“I once lost a sister through maltreatment by her husband. I cried and I promised myself that I will not allow another woman to go through that pain. If she had told us, we would have fought for her.

“She acted like someone that has no one to help her. Information is all what we need and we would have confronted him but I know God is already fighting for her.”

Speaking on state of the nation, the cleric called on Nigerians to reject heartless and rude politicians with their votes in the 2023 general election.

He said what Nigeria needed at this time were leaders with sincerity, compassion and love for the masses.

He maintained that no politician had a right to rule over the country if he was not in love with the people.

Ukpai said, “No man has a right to rule over us if he is not in love with us. All our leaders should probe and examine their hearts. If you don’t love us, step down and allow those who love us to lead us. This is because what one loves is what one can die for. Those who are not ready to die for us should leave us alone. Whoever wants to rule us must first fall in love with us and pay the price of loving us.

“Again, don’t vote for any bad man. Vote for a man who has evidence of love for the masses. Ask him what has he done for his people. A man who has no respect, regard and love for us should be left alone. Nobody should vote for him. That kind of person should retire and go home and rest.”

Speaking on his upcoming programme, Ukpai said the special Easter session would demonstrate that miracles could happen without prayers, saying, “All I need to do is to make declarations and miracles will begin to happen.”

“Nobody needs to go through problems alone. God gives us how to solve problems of life and how to turn problems into promotion. God has the final say in the affairs of men.

“As we speak, I am building two universities and have already built three hospitals without asking anybody for money. I have tiled six streets in my village without asking anybody for money.

“I am asking the whole of Abuja to suspend whatever they are doing to hear the word of God tomorrow morning and see what the awesome would do,” he added.

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