BBNaija S7: Groovy sets rules for self and Phyna at first pool party of merged Levels

Groovy and Phyna
The Saturday Night Party and Pool Party have not been void of drama for Groovy, and he attempts to avoid more. The first Saturday Night Party was exciting for the Level Up Housemates as they gathered together to have a lit time. 

They got an opportunity to vibe with each other, but the vibing got Groovy into trouble with Disqualified Housemate Beauty. She was not impressed with Groovy's socialisation with the other Level Up ladies, and Groovy had to defend himself. "I haven't made any conversation with any girl here, I swear," Groovy pleaded with Beauty. 

Beauty's anger towards Groovy saw her get into a fight with Ilebaye for trying to offer comfort. That fight got Beauty a strike, which led to her eventual disqualification. 

The second Saturday Night Party followed the same trajectory as Beauty got upset at Groovy for engaging with Chomzy. Her anger escalated, and she acted violently toward Groovy, earning a Double Strike. 

To avoid any potential drama at the first Pool Party after the Levels merged, Groovy discussed the rules of engagement with his new bae, Phyna, after exercise Thursday. Phyna had earlier asked him what the rules of engagement of dancing with their fellow Housemates are. Groovy said they can dance with everybody because he doesn't mind. "As long as you're happy," he says to Phyna. 

However, the dancing has to be reasonable, and they both can't be dancing too intimately with the guys or girls. "No turning of back," Groovy told Phyna. Groovy is happy for Phyna to turn her back on the girls, but she can't make the same moves on the guys. The same rule applies to him as well. 

Is Groovy trying to protect his ship or himself by setting these rules with Phyna? Will both of them be able to abide by them for the sake of their ship?

Only time will tell.
~Courtesy, DStv
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