BBNaija Day 64: Adekunle is cunning, say Bella, Chizzy, and Rachel

Adekunle seems to have hit a nerve with Bella, Chizzy, and Rachel because they believe he is not a straightforward individual.
Bella, Chizzy, and Rachel at different hours of the day spoke about Adekunle and how they believe he is not a straightforward individual.

While in the Salon Sunday morning, Rachel (Rider) and Chizzy (Rider) had a conversation in which Rachel accused Adekunle of being two-faced. To defend her point, she spoke about Adekunle’s reaction to the night when she accused Hermes of not confirming she bought a ticket for the Showmax experience.

According to Rachel, Adekunle knew Hermes was in the wrong but refused to confront him. Yet he came back to her to tell her in hushed tones that Hermes was just trying to rile her up. She told Chizzy that if Adekunle was truly sincere about helping her out, he would have confronted Hermes about the ticket.

Chizzy also echoed Rachel’s view in his DIary Session when he predicted Adekunle may be Evicted because he was not a straightforward individual. He also went on to cite the Rachel and Hermes debacle saying Adekunle should not have played both sides but stuck to the truth.

Was he just saying this because Rachel had already spoken to him about Adekunle in the morning? We are not sure but it seems something is in the air because Bella, in a conversation with Phyna and Sheggz, also shared her opinion about Adekunle. 

Rolling off of Sheggz speaking about Adekunle, Bella said right away that she believed Adekunle was not being himself. “He is so sneaky,” she said. She went on to accuse him of not being straightforward. She shared stories of Adekunle hiding fish and being greedy with food to back up her claims.

Is Adekunle doing too much or is it just a coincidence that three different Housemates shared the same opinion about him?
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