Bella, Phyna trash-talk on Chichi after eviction of their men, Sheggz and Groovy

Now, you can see that Sheggz was all along right about Bella’s bad behavior. Bella is such a bitter person. To say she’s arrogant is like hyping or elevating her. She’s just so crude, that’s the right word to describe her.

Had always wanted to describe Bella as a refined young lady but she’s just like another market woman thriving off petty gossips.

Phyna, we know is two timing, the kind of friend you never should ever have. Phyna can snatch even your heart out of you for personal gain…. Recall her friendship with Beauty and how she went for Groovy immediately afterwards!

Now, the two ‘witches’ (Phyna and Bella) have taken strategic positions in the garden trash-talking and tearing Chichi apart with their bitterness. They are gossiping and heaping all manner of accusations at Chichi, behind her back, though.

Looks like the only thing of interest to these two in Big Brother house, na man. Dassol!

Soon as their men/ships (Groovy and Sheggz) were booted out of the show this night via eviction… the two have gotten so idle that only thing left for them is to move straight into their gutters, all against Chichi. 

Kai! Na wa for these bitter leaves. Seeing Phyna and Bella together destroying another character tells you that truly, there’s no honor among crooks! Someone ought to tell Phyna that this same Bella was describing her as a prostitute while still at Level 1 and Phyna at Level 2. 

Not long ago too in the merged up level, these two were at each other’s throat, after Mrs Ikoyi (Bella) referred to Phyna as coming from the street, the same bone of contention presently between her (Bella) and Chichi, who she’s now found an ally in Phyna to assassinate, character wise.

Interestingly, while the two ‘witches’ were busy knocking their heads at the walls of Big Brother house’s garden, Chichi was enjoying some good sleep in the luxury of of the head of house room.
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