BBNaija: In another twist, Big Brother evicts his 2 Riders, Rachel and Chizzy

Chizzy and Rachel

Two days to the end of the show, the two Riders in the Big Brother Level Up edition, Chizzy and Rachel, have been evicted, or rather, taken off the show. The housemates are shocked!

Friday night, October 30, 2022, Big Brother had told the housemates shortly after the arena game to go dress up for dinner. As they got ready and waiting for Big Brother’s directive, the doorbell rang, to their surprise, announcing the arrival of a guest.

And guess who that would be? Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, host of the show! The housemates naturally were surprised and excited at the same time. Ebuka told them he was there to check on them and wanted to inspect their environment also. 

Of course, having also watched them live, he complained of their untidy lounge, kitchen, rooms and even the garden. After much exchange of banters with the housemates, though, he proceeded to dinning table with them, which was upstairs, the former Level 1 settlement.

Ebuka didn’t really eat but allowed the housemates to enjoy their meal, at the same time sampling their views on certain happenings in the house. Afterwards, a clip of each of the remaining housemates was played by Big Brother. Ebuka allowed the housemates to make brief remarks on their journey to the Big Brother House.

And when it was time for him to take his leave, he brought out an envelope and announced the eviction of Rachel and Chizzy in a very dramatic manner.

Although the audience are aware of the status of the two evicted housemates as Riders, the remaining housemates, Chichi, Phyna, Adekunle, Brayanne, Daniella and Bella. don’t.

So, who among them goes home win the grand prize? 

It’s just a matter of hours for the puzzle to be solved
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