What’s Buhari doing in a vaccine and bio industries summit?

By Chris Adetayo

I think President Muhammadu Buhari just asks for wherever the latest “summit” is and heads there - provided it’s outside our ‘wahala’ country. 

Imagine half the country is under water and Baba thinks a World Bio Summit in South Korea is more deserving of his presence. 

What’s the summit about anyways? Pls read - 

“The World Bio Summit is bringing leaders of the vaccine and bio industries together to review key innovations and lessons gained during the COVID-19 pandemic, charting new ways to accelerate research and development to strengthen global health security”. 

So you ask yourself - is Nigeria a leader in the vaccine and bio industries? Is this not a technical summit?

I checked out the speakers. No country president. All are teachnical leaders of various organisations. 

So what is President Buhari doing there???

Anyways, I think the man has already checked out. He’s just marking time and enjoying himself now. Our ‘wahala’ too much.
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