PHOTOS: Back home in Anambra, Peter Obi, Soludo exchange banters

For those who do not know how Nigerian politicians operate, just face your front and see how you can genuinely work to better the lives of your family, self and other loved ones. Stop hitting your heads on online walls over politicians. They are good by themselves.

Never you go drinking Panadol, as the saying goes, for their headaches. They tolerate themselves, unlike you who would unfollow, block or carry lifelong malice with your fellow ‘non-significant pun sef’ on their political chess board.

Nigerian politicians know how to operate and settle with one another. It’s all a game as far as they are concerned. So, don’t kill yourself over them. What did I say again? Never you carry their altercations or letter writing business for head o! They will all be alright. And you? You know yourself….

Ok. Just some few days ago, The governor of Anambra State, Prof Charles Soludo tried to take after former President Olusegun Obasanjo, wrongly, though, in a political letter-writing exercise. In the letter, he tried to tarnish the reputation of the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi, who incidentally is from his state and also a former governor of the state. 

It would seem that Prof Soludo in writing that letter, burnt his fingers, badly. He promised a Part II though. Reactions to the first one must have signaled to the writer what to expect. That side of the matter, however, is story for another day.

Today, however, the LP presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, and the Anambra State governor, Professor Chukwuma Soludo, met in Akwa and gave each other a hug. Yes, they exchanged pleasantries, in the public. In other words, the duo, as Peter Obi said, still remain brothers and friends, despite the Soludo letter that saw some netizens banging their heads across online walls as a result. 

Today,the duo met at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Awka during the Thanksgiving mass for Most Rev. Paulinus C. Ezeokafor in celebration of his 70th birthday and remains cordial to one another. 

Again, this meeting comes a few days after Soludo bashed Obi and dismissed his chances at the poll.

What have you learnt?
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