Fancy Acholonu apology to Alexx Ekubo greeted with knocks, kudos

Some social media users have been reacting to the public apology issued by Fancy Acholonu, the ex-fiancee of actor, Alexx Ekubo.

Acholonu, a model, apologised to the actor and said that she had learnt her lessons while declaring that her heart is still for him. 

Reactions have trailed the public apology, with some hailing her boldness in coming out while others warned Ekubo not to take her back.

For tweep Dearest Jessica, the model's public apology is welcome. She said. "Alexx Ekubo’s ex-fiancée, Fancy Acholonu, who dumped Alex a month to their wedding, has returned to beg him for forgiveness. Saying she has learnt her lesson and how to handle situations better now. It takes a lot for a woman to accept their mistakes & apologise. She is a rare gem."

Haryour said, "Fancy Acholonu Nobi you earn my respect, it takes real ladies and the better ones to come out publicly and apologise and take responsibility of what she did. Women love shifting blames and explain thereafter. Alex no marry her o! A word is enough for the wise."

iMuss referenced the matching pyjama trend from over the Yuletide, saying, "Fancy Acholonu’s apology note to Alexx Ekubo amuses me tho! E b like pyjamas pictures don deh her mind."

Abraham Tobi Akomolafe tweeted, "When ladies behave like Fancy Acholonu, nine out of 10 times they had explored an option that didnt work out for them."

Onyekachi said, "Dear Fancy Acholonu, 'You said too much, you did too much'. You can now move. We have heard you. Carry your 'too much' and move on."

Gochu tweeted, "This Fancy Acholonu is hilarious, what does she mean by, 'the way I handled things were out of my character' lol, sister is you, I just hope you have worked on yourself and if Alex turns you totally deserve it.”

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