BBTitans: Another Olivia and Yvonne gist

Olivia and Yvonne

Olivia - Blue said if she didn't get any cookies from him (Yemi) ...she won't speak to him till she leaves this house. 

Yvonne - Thank God she got o....cos I don't think she would have been able to stay away from him 

Olivia - Khosi got the least cookies in the house ...chai 🌚

Yvonne- how many did she get ?

Olivia- she got 2 from Yemi and Nana 

Yvonne - but she got from Miracle

Olivia - that one dosent count ..It's a partner thing it's compulsory ....Even thabang didn't give her 

Yvonne- So even Miracle got more cookies than her ..ah they don't really like her 

Yvonne - This thing Khosi is doing ...Nobody is stupid that you will be using them to do Ping pong...if they line 3 of them together and tell her to pick ... Thabang knows she won't pick him ...I don't think she likes Miracle in that way .....she prefers Yemi .....Let them keep whatever Thier doing hidden cos ..that's the best way to do it in this house 

Olivia - Imagine I did cookie for thabang ...I would look stupid 🌚

Yvonne - Why would you look stupid ?...oh he didn't even do for you ...ok I understand 

I love Thier gist 😁❤️❤️❤️

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