BBTitans: Marvin gets Kanaga shedding tears over nomination

In the Big Brother house, 
Kanaga is crying bcos of how Marvin is telling everyone about the veto swap. Ever since Kanaga used his veto power of save and replace as head of house (with partner, Blue Aiva), to put up Marvin and his partner, Maya, for eviction, Marvin has not stopped whining about the whole incident. 

Apparently forgetting that the whole thing is a game, Marvin has been up and about the house telling anyone who cares to listen that he feels betrayed by Kanaga, whom he regarded as his ‘gee’ , for putting him up to save Yemi and his partner, Nelisa, who were originally up for eviction following the general voting of housemates. Marvin and partner were not initially up for eviction 

And this whole attitude by Marvin is getting on Kanaga, who just can’t understand why Marvin is taking it so personal. The situation got so bat that Kanaga couldn’t help but broke down to tears while discussing the matter with partner, Blue Aiva at the Head of House room.

Hear him:

Kanaga to Blue Aiva: Marvin has been judging me to everyone in the house, he keeps giving them wrong reason why I nominated him and painting me bad.

He goes around telling everyone that it's because of Tsatsii that I nominated him.

I meet them talking about me in the closet, when I got there, they all got quite.

He has continued discussing me and lying about why I put him up for eviction 

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