Naira Wahala: Me too, I was paid N2000 only, at the bank

N2000 maximum payment 

By Rose Moses

Ok. So, I was at the bank today, February 13, 2023, and collected N2000. Yes, you read right…TWO.THOUSAND.NAIRA, only! That was the much the bank was dispensing and the much they could pay me from my money that is in their possession! I could get them do some transfer, though, which they did, but I’m entitled to a N100, 000 daily withdrawal from my account. Just think about that!

It wasn’t like I needed cash desperately, but wanted to know exactly how the Naira Wahala was panning out today, February 13, 2023, after the Supreme Court ruling, as well as the Council of State positions on the precarious situation, last week.

And I got just N2000! There wasn’t much queue at this Access Bank branch on Ikosi, around Oregun area of Lagos, although people were walking in and out for the paltry sum. Hallelujah, that part of the pain was subtracted. Thank God.

By now, you not only must have heard, but must have also felt the hardship resulting from the poor execution, either by the Central Bank of Nigerian (CBN), or the commercial banks, on the matter of Naira redesign. 

Anyways, some 100 meters or so from this particular bank, was GTbank, or whatever new name they now go by. From a distance, it would seem like there was more activity going on at the second bank considering the long queue of humans sighted at their ATMs by the entrance gate of the bank, with some vehicular traffic also building around the area. 

So, hope was rising, until I drove closer only to notice that the gates of the bank were all locked with the bank security personnel not making any attempt at opening them for customers, a situation that created some traffic in the area.

This resulted in my driving off as I found myself to be one of those causing the traffic.

Conclusion on GTbank was that though it appeared the ATMs were loaded with cash (which wasn’t the case with the first bank - Access), the bank was closed to any form of physical transactions, at least, at the time I happened to be at the place. 

Why and how much of people’s money was the bank paying them? Again, like I said, I couldn’t figure since I had to drive off, at least, to help stop the traffic from building. 

Now, the ugly scenarios painted above aren’t exclusive to the two banks mentioned. In fact, some will say these two even made attempts at attending to customers, no matter, how small. As it were, and as has mainly been the case since the extended February 10 deadline for Nigerians to deposit their old Naira notes, which seized to be legal tender on the said date before the Supreme Court ruling, many other banks have completely shut their gates (and with no cash in the ATMs) for customers. 

The weird excuses, or solutions proffered by the executors of these pain on Nigerians include that we should do online banking, e-banking, mobile banking using certain apps in a mostly analogue and a system that’s completely crashed, either way you look at it. Very sad, indeed!

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