Obi-Datti storms seat of Caliphate with message of integrity in leadership (see also, photos)

The Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi and his running mate, Senator Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, on Wednesday, February 1, 2023, led their campaign team to Sokoto, the city of the Caliphate, preaching the message of a new Nigeria with integrity in leadership

Obi and his team, who was the Palace of the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Abubakar Sa’ad, told the revered royal father that what is at stake, which he and Datti are pushing for, is a creation of a new Nigeria where government will be accountable to the people.

The LP standard bearer, while stressing the importance of integrity in leadership, told the Sultan that he came to seek his blessing and prayers as he is in the state to seek the people’s mandate, noting that having had long time relationship with His Eminence, he didn’t need to say much of himself to him.

“For us, I and Datti, our commitment is to start the journey of a new Nigeria because we believe that a new Nigeria is possible. But we are concerned about the position of Nigeria in comity of nations today.”

According to the former Anambra State governor, Nigeria is not where it’s supposed to be despite the enormous human and natural blessings God endowed on us as a nation; and this has to do with failure of leadership over time.

Obi noted that he and Datti are bringing integrity, capacity and antecedents into governance because of the successes they have recorded both in private and public positions they had occupied.

Obi said that Nigeria has no reason being the poverty capital of the world, if the appropriate things were done in the past, especially about leadership recruitment policies in our land.

The LP flag bearer said that time has come for the enthronement of leaders the people can trust and with verifiable past.

Obi said that the consumption to production mantra of his party manifesto is intended to explore the rich potentials in the country, especially in the North with vast arable land that is the future gold and oil of the country.

Obi and his team assured the Sultan that insecurity situation in the country is worrisome and they have made it top priority because without a secured environment nothing meaningful can be achieved.

“The level of youth unemployment in the country is disturbing and until a solution is found in engaging millions of youths in their productive age, the issue of insecurity will remain a huge challenge, he added.

Earlier the Vice Presidential candidate, Datti, had told the royal father that they are in the Caliphate to seek and collect royal blessings in their quest to build a new Nigeria of peace and security.

The Sultan wished them well and noted that he has not much to do but to pray and wish them well since as a royal father he is not partisan.

Obi also was at the rally ground where jubilant crowd were on hand to welcome him to the ancient city.
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