PHOTOS: See how customers now climb gates to enter banking hall

In the matter of the current Naira scarcity following the redesign of the N200, N500, and N1000 bank notes, and the untold hardship the exercise is inflicting on Nigerians, the people are not smiling at all. 

As the saying goes that a hungry man is an angry man, Nigerians who can hardly access cash to take care of basic necessities of life, are directing their anger on commercial banks, destroying any and every of their facilities on sight. Or doing even the most absurd of things to gain access to the bank premises, most of which are now under lock and key.

For instance, a video which surfaced on Tuesday showed how male and female customers climbed gates to enter a banking hall.

Actor Adinma Somadina, who shared the video on his Instagram page, wrote, "See what this woman has to go through just to get into the bank and get money to feed her family; her own money she put in the bank.

"This is funny but it's our reality and it's really sad to see,” Somadina wrote.

Irony of the whole thing is that even if she eventually gains access into the bank, there is no guarantee that she will be paid a dime as most banks claim they have no cash, under the circumstance.

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