Buhari’s last show of praise of poor performance…


By Rose Moses

Buhari in his 15-minute farewell broadcast laced with the usual praise of non performance (thank God we’re eventually free of him), said among other things….

1) That in the past 8yrs he supervised over a Nigeria that made goods and services available and affordable ❌ 

Me: Fat lie. I was at Iddo and Oyingbo markets yesterday and my wonder was still as in the first year of Mbuhari - ‘How did ordinary Nigerians survive the out of this world cost of living under him?’

2) That his government conducted free fair elections in peaceful and united Nigeria❌ 

Me: Lie from the pit of hell. A Prof Mahmood was his eye-neck chairman 

3) That he provided enabling environment for private sector to do business and grow the economy❌ 

Me: Buhari obviously did not live in Nigeria, as many companies collapsed to his government’s harsh/ wicked policies during our misfortune of his reign.

4) That he’s leaving Nigeria better than he met her❌

Me: Hei God! How? Which Nigeria? If only we can be taken back to the point Mbuhari met us, for a start! But we can manage the fact that he’s leaving us for good, at last.

In fact… in first 5 minutes, of the speech, my taya got tayad. And of course the lies ended in less than 15 minutes. Thank God.

If you’ve lived in this country this second coming of Mbuhari as in his first, truth remains that this man telling these lies now on television in the truth is leaving pains sorrows, a disunited Nigeria, massively crashed economy, a nation both multidimensionally poor nation and a poverty capital of the world.
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