Why I snubbed Phyna at Saturday night party —Beauty Tukura


At the ongoing reunion of BBNaija Season 7 reality television show housemates, so much is being spilled, especially about the various situationships between the housemates during the show about a year ago.

Here’s Beauty Tukura’s version of her ‘situationship’ with Groovy, and of course, Phyna, who she had regarded as a friend, but who would easily move under the duvet with Groovy, her love interest in the house, as soon as she was disqualified.

Read her account: My relationship with Groovy was real I was very genuine from start to finish, it wasn't a game to me. I was very open and honest with him. My biggest mistake was not listing my fellow housemate. I remember Kess, Bryan and Cyph warned me to be careful but I did not listen.

Groovy was the one that told me he wanted to be more than a friend, he also asked me for a relationship and I accepted him. I never asked him to date me. I asked groovy for space so many times but he kept coming back. Another mistake i made was talking to groovy under the duvet. I apologized to him for body shaming him, and I want to still apologize to him again now for doing that. I have moved on and I don't have a problem with Groovy.

I've own up to my mistake and I will never blame him for my disqualification.

As for Phyna, she was my friend before I left the house. But I watched clips of her insulting me.

She even said I should go and die because of a man!

I never told kess that Phyna had eyes on Groovy.

I snubbed her at the Saturday night party because of all the insult and negative things she said about me.

I don't have a problem with Groovy moving on with Phyna, because I expected him to move on after I got disqualified.

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