Mmesoma Ejikeme: Could JAMB have swapped her result? Watch video

By Rose Moses

The speed with which a whole institution as JAMB rushed to the media to try a minor, Mmesoma Ejikeme, even before an investigation into alleged faking of her result could be concluded, is enough to suggest that indeed, e don teyyy wey JAMB must have been playing around with students’ results.

It never made sense to me, yesterday, when JAMB started the media trial of the young Mmesoma with a very funny press statement that sounded like the almighty examination board was out to kill a fly with an AK47. 

It still hasn’t made any sense yet, until a thorough investigation into the matter is conducted. In other words, I just could not figure why JAMB, as it appeared, was declaring a full scale war on an ‘inconsequential’ student when all they needed was to simply establish a case, prove and deal with it, decisively 

As it is, I will not be surprised if at the end, the truth turns out to be that JAMB afterall, is the one swapping results of children of certain class of Nigerians with those of others.

This country ehnnnnn……
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