LG Polls: Group pushes for voter participation in Ondo

By Achiever Peterson

Ahead of the February 2024 Local Government election in Ondo State, a political organization, Ondo State Conscience Movement (OSCM) has intensified campaign to ensure that citizens participate in the electoral process. 

The organisation, in a move to fight voter apathy, said that it would begin a tour of all 203 wards in the state.

Chairman of the organization, Shalom Olaseni, in a statement, said the move was to galvanise popular participation, while carrying out extensive voter education ahead of the council elections.

While stating that the informed citizens remained the cornerstone of a thriving democracy, Olaseni observed that by visiting all 203 wards, the organisation "will share insights into the power of their vote and the role they play in shaping the future of our state."

He said, "As we stand at the precipice of yet another crucial electoral season, we recognize the urgency and importance of engaging with our fellow citizens across the length and breadth of Ondo State. Our goal is to empower every Ondo resident with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed decisions when casting their votes.

"Through our tour, we aim to inspire and encourage increased participation in the electoral process, from voter registration to election day turnout. We want every eligible voter to exercise their right to vote.

"During our wards tour, we will employ a grassroots approach, engaging with local communities, leaders, and stakeholders in each of the 203 wards. Our activities will include: Town hall meetings and open forums for interactive discussions.

"Distribution of informational materials, pamphlets, and booklets on voter rights and responsibilities. Collaborations with local educational institutions to promote youth involvement in the electoral process.

"Mobile voter registration centers to facilitate the registration of eligible voters. Voter education workshops and seminars on the criteria for selecting a candidate based on demands, standards, and expectations.
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