Things to know about Chioma Ajunwa

Did you know that 
she was a Police Officer. She was an athlete. She flew the Nigerian flag on a global stage.Her name is...DCP Chioma Ajunwa-Opara, MON, OLY (rtd).

Did you know...

That the first African woman and Nigerian Individual Olympic gold medalist is DCP Chioma Ajunwa-Opara, MON, OLY (rtd). The legendary Nigerian athlete and retired but not tired police officer, is not only an Olympic gold medalist but also a multi-talented individual?

-Did you know that before her Olympic glory, Chioma was a sprinter? She initially competed in the 100m and 200m sprints before transitioning to the long jump event, where she made history.

-Did you know that she was a pioneer member of the Super Falcons?

-Did you know that she represented Nigeria at the country's first World Cup appearance in 1989 before her iconic victory in the long jump at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics made her a national hero?

-Did you know that she's a trailblazer in law enforcement too? Chioma served as a police officer in Nigeria and achieved the rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP). She combined her athletic excellence with a commitment to maintaining law and order.

-Did you know that her dedication to sports didn't stop at the Olympics? She also excelled at the All-Africa Games, Commonwealth Games, and African Championships, accumulating a treasure chest of medals.

-Did you know that Chioma Ajunwa-Opara's accomplishments in sports earned her the prestigious national honor of Member of the Order of the Niger (MON)? Her contributions to athletics continue to inspire the nation.

-Did you know that she is not just a sports star but also a loving mother and mentor? Chioma balances her roles as a family woman and a sports legend with grace and humility.

-Did you know that Chioma Ajunwa-Opara's remarkable journey from an athlete to law enforcement officer showcases her versatility and determination, proving that one can excel in multiple fields with dedication and passion?

Now, know all of these and Know Chioma Ajunwa. 

Rtd. DCP Chioma Ajunwa-Opara's life is a testament to the power of perseverance, breaking barriers, and achieving greatness, both in the world of sports and law enforcement. She remains an icon whose influence extends far beyond the track and into the hearts of Nigerians:

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Courtesy: Nigeria Police Force | Facebook
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