WEEK 8: Here’s how the Big Brother All Stars’ housemates nominated themselves for possible eviction


Venita: Alex, Ceec and Mercy

Soma: Sholzy, ILebaye&Whitemoney

Neo: Alex, Ceec and Mercy

Mercy: Pere, Adekunle and Neo

Whitemoney: Neo, Soma and Ceec

Alex: Sholzy, Adekunle and Venita

Pere: Soma, Alex and Mercy

ILebaye: Ceec, Whitemoney and Neo

Angel: Whitemoney,Sholzy, Ilebaye

Adekunle: CeeC, Alex and Mercy

Ceec: Adekunle, Pere and Ilebaye

Cross: Alex, CeeC and Mercy

Sholzy: Angel, Adekunle and Alex


Ceec - 6

Alex, Mercy - 5

Whitemoney, Adekunle, Neo, Ilebaye - 3 

Pere, Soma - 2

Sholzy - 2 

Venita - 1

Housemates up for possible eviction are Ceec, Alex, Mercy, Whitemoney, Adekunle, ILebaye and Neo.

Sholzy being the only remaining of the four house guests introduced in the house few weeks after the original housemates had been in the house, was not entitled to vote.

Nevertheless, and to confuse the real housemates, who are not supposed to know of the houseguests’ status, the house Sholzy of course was called by Big Brother into the Diary Room like others, purportedly to make his own nomination. But in the real sense, his being nominated or him nominating any housemate is just a distraction. 

It’s likely, however, that Sholzy will be leaving the house this Sunday in what will look like he was nominated and subsequently evicted. At least that’s the game

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