We are grateful to Peter Obi for revolutionalising education, says Bishop Okoye

Peter Obi

The achievement of the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi, in the education sector during his governorship reign in Anambra state has continued to elicit commendation from prominent citizens of the state.

A week after Governor Charles Soludo praised the former governor's records in education, promising to continue along that line, the Catholic Bishop of Nnewi, Most Rev Jonas Benson Okoye on Friday, October 13, 2023, commended Obi for revolutionizing education in the state.

The Bishop commended the former governor for his decision to return schools to the church, considering it a pivotal step in the educational transformation of Anambra. He noted that this legacy, maintained by subsequent governors, has reinstated the state as a leader in educational progress within the nation.

Bishop Okoye made these comments during the 69th birthday celebration of Chief J. J. Ezeokafor, a prominent business leader and the founder of Jezco Industries, in Ekwulobia, Anambra State. Bishop Okoye emphasized that the church, as a moral guide within society, serves as the collective conscience of the people. He further contended that the church is better positioned to shape the values and character of individuals in society through its mission schools.

Bishop Okoye said I n 1970, following the conclusion of the Nigerian civil war, the former East Central State government assumed control of mission schools previously managed by the Church. He noted that this change has contributed to a significant decline in moral values, evident in the widespread increase in criminal activities and a lack of moral integrity, particularly among the youth, over the years.

The clergyman disclosed that Mr. Peter Obi's decision to return mission schools to the Church has resulted in increased productivity, discipline, and the instillation of strong moral values alongside academic excellence in Anambra's educational institutions. He noted that these mission schools have enabled the Church to continue imparting essential moral values to the youth in various learning establishments.

Bishop Okoye expressed his gratitude to Peter Obi, not only for initiating this significant move but also for generously funding these schools, which has led to a remarkable transformation in the state's education sector.

"We are thankful to Mr. Peter Obi for his initiative in returning mission schools to the Church, and to his successors for embracing and preserving this remarkable educational legacy. Recently, Governor Soludo allocated over N1.5 billion to mission schools to enhance education in the state. Such actions are highly commendable and in line with Obi’s legacy," remarked Bishop Okoye.

Expanding on the progress of education in the state, Bishop Okoye commended Chief Joseph Ezeokafor, the celebrant, for his investments in education, both within and outside the state. He highlighted Chief Ezeokafor's scholarship program, which offers underprivileged students access to free education, and his consistent financial support to various schools, contributing to the delivery of quality education to students.

"He also extends his support to numerous schools within and beyond the state, providing financial assistance to ensure the provision of quality education to students," concluded Bishop Okoye, in a press statement.
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