Finding my bra size near impossible, Njideka George shares her journey as a busty Nollywood actress

Njideka George

Nollywood actress Njideka George has 
opened up about her experiences as a busty woman, sharing both the challenges and benefits she has faced in her personal and professional life.
In video, Njideka discussed the impact of her heavy bosom on her as a woman and an actress. She highlighted the difficulties she has encountered, such as discomfort and physical strain, as well as the attention and admiration she has received due to her endowment.

Njideka's story serves as a reminder that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and that every woman has her own unique journey to navigate. Her openness about her experiences as a busty woman is a testament to her strength and resilience, and it encourages others to embrace their own bodies and the challenges they may face.

In the video shared on social channels, as reported by Vanguard, Njideka reiterates that she’s busty but has no qualms with her body, as it comes with many blessings and some less cheering attributes.

She says, “Everything I wear is revealing because I’m a busty lady. Of course, people always ask questions. I’m not bothered that I look big up, and look small down. I don’t have business handless clothes and I don’t like bras but I have to wear them.

“Finding my bra size is almost impossible, so when I eventually find one that fits I buy two or three of it even if it’s the same colour. Of course, as a busty babe, I don’t have a big bum yet women and men are attracted to me. Even if you are dying, I have to wear a bra before I can come and save you. When people see me they start shouting ‘Opor’.

“I’m not fazed that I have dark lines on my shoulder due to straps. As a busty woman, I have to beg men to look at my face and forget about my breasts. When I go to the market, all these Igbo boys start shouting “ Nkiruka, Nkiruka, Nkiruka.” Me, back pain and chest pain are 5 and 6.
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