Peter Obi's Easter Message to Inmates: Finding redemption in imprisonment

Obi celebrates Easter with the inmates
….At the Onitsha Correctional Center

The 2023 Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, recently shared a message of hope and solidarity with inmates during an Easter celebration at the Correctional Center in Onitsha, Anambra state. 

He emphasized that in Nigeria, everyone is seeking freedom and redemption, akin to being in a prison, urging the inmates not to lose hope.

During the Easter Mass, Obi drew parallels between the transformation of Mary Magdalene, who went from being unholy to witnessing the resurrection of Christ before the Apostles. 

He encouraged the prisoners to see themselves as individuals capable of redemption and change, just like Mary Magdalene.

"What that means is that being in prison is not the end of life as they could get corrected and enjoy salvation even before the so-called free people."

The Archbishop of Onitsha Catholic Archdiocese, His Grace Valerie Okeke, who celebrated the Easter Mass with about 12 other priests inside the correctional center, had in a homily, said that if Mary Magdalene could transform to be among the early beneficiaries of the Christ resurrection, even them in the Correctional Center will turn around to be great in the society and before God.

The highlights of the Easter celebration with the inmates, which Obi has been doing from his days as governor of the Anambra State (2006 to 2014), were the dancing and elation of the inmates in their various cultural groups all shouting his praises as a friend and father of the prisoners.

During the dancing and praises, the LP standard bearer discovered a little child of one year six months, Musochukwu , whose mother is serving in the prison following a N250,000 business deal gone wrong.

Obi carried the child who was also in dancing attire like the mother and celebrated with them and their cultural groups.

According to a press release signed by Signed, Dr Yunusa Tanko Chief Spokesman to Peter Obi media office, the former governor, whom the Archbishop identified as one of the charity pillars keeping the correctional center going, announced the donation of some food items and some money for the project in the center.

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