‘Who killed NDLEA Operative Ifeanyi Chiwetalu?’

The late SN Ifeanyi Chiwetalu

By Our Reporter

An operative of the National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) SN Ifeanyi Chiwetalu, from Mgbagbu-Owa in Enugu State was said to have been murdered in cold blood last penultimate Friday by unknown persons said to be in military uniform while he was on official duty in Bida, Niger State.

According to reports, Superintendent Chiwetalu was attacked while on official duty manning a check point. The deceased was said to have flagged down a vehicle for search, but the owner refused to be subjected to such, and he was not let go by the NDLEA team led by Ifeanyi.

Sources said that after a long while the owner of the vehicle accepted to be searched and after nothing incriminating was found on him or the vehicle, he was asked to go, but unknown to them, the man had phoned some hoodlums in military uniforms, who rushed to the place and attacked Ifeanyi, till they killed him.

According to sources, including family sources, the deceased Chiwetalu was said to have been stabbed severally with a long knife which came out of his rear. Other sources claimed that he was hit with an iron rod at the back of his head, severing his spinal cord and he gave up the ghost instantly. 

However, it could not be ascertained whether or not other operatives of the Agency, who the late Chiwetalu was leading on the beat, were equally attacked or not.
But, what is certain is that as at press time, none of those other officers sustained any injury and there was nothing to prove that they defended Chiwetalu while he was being attacked.

The manner of his killing have raised the following questions: Who actually killed Ifeanyi Chiwetalu? Was he the only victim in the attack? What is the identity of the man stopped for a search? What did his junior colleagues do when he was attacked? Did the attackers go scot free? Etc.

As at filing this report, family sources have confirmed his death, adding "We have sent some people to Minna to bring back his corpse."

The sources confirmed that he was attacked and sever bodily injuries inflicted on him, but added that "it still remains a mystery how our son and brother died.”

The spokesman of the NDLEA, Mr. Femi Babafemi, as at the time this report was filed, was yet to respond to inquiries or make any post on the NDLEA official X handle, his usual means of communication.
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