Zion Ministry's First Official Outreach in Abuja: A miraculous gathering

Evangelist Ebuka Obi

Zion, a non-denominational prayer ministry, held its first official outreach program on February 24, 2024, in Abuja. The event was a testament to the power of prayer and the impact of the ministry's spiritual leader, Evangelist Ebuka Obi.

The gathering was a spectacle, with a massive crowd that included people from Nigeria and beyond. The airport was a sight to behold as the multitude and long convoy of vehicles arrived to welcome Evangelist Obi. 

The one-day crusade was held at the spacious Exhibition Pavilion Centre, where thousands of attendees witnessed miracles, healings, prophecies with instant solutions, and hundreds of people giving their lives to Christ.

Zion Ministry's headquarters is located in Ago, Okota, Lagos, Nigeria, but its influence extends far beyond its physical location. With branches across Nigeria, Africa, Europe, America, and Asia, the ministry's reach is truly global.This first official outreach in Abuja was a remarkable beginning for Zion Ministry, showcasing the power of prayer and the transformative impact of the ministry's teachings.

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