Korra Obidi seeks legal action to protect parental rights, turns to crowdfunding for support

Korra and her kids

By Rose Moses

Korra Obidi, a well-known dancer and entertainer, has announced her decision to take legal action to assert her parental rights. 

In a post shared online on Friday, May 10, 2024, Obidi expressed gratitude for the support she has received so far and revealed her intention to use the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe to finance her legal costs.

Obidi's decision to seek legal action comes amid ongoing disputes regarding her parental rights. The dancer, known for her energetic performances and captivating stage presence, has been vocal about her struggles as a single mother and her desire to protect her child's well-being.

In her post, Obidi thanked her fans and supporters for their unwavering support, stating that their encouragement has given her the strength to continue fighting for her rights as a parent. She also emphasized the importance of seeking legal assistance to ensure her child's safety and well-being.

The crowdfunding campaign, launched on GoFundMe, aims to raise funds to cover the legal expenses associated with Obidi's case. The campaign has already garnered significant attention and support from fans and well-wishers, with many expressing their solidarity with Obidi's cause.

“I am so elated, I want to say thank you guys, there are no words to explain how grateful I am for you,” Obidi said in an update regarding the GoFundMe campaign.

She added, “I’ve checked and the monies are coming in. I have contacted the lawyer, I have had my consultations, we’re working on it.”

The entertainer’s decision to seek legal recourse seemingly stems from her ongoing struggles with her former partner, with whom she has been embroiled in a contentious split.

According to Obidi, she aims to secure her rights as a mother and ensure unfettered access to her children. 

“My children and the person who abused them will be brought to book. My rights as a mother will be reinstated. Nobody will be deleting videos from my page anymore, and my children will be allowed to travel to Africa whenever they want, to travel to Nigeria whenever they want,” she stated.

In another video sighted, Obidi had previously lamented the challenges she faced, claiming that her former partner had restricted her ability to share content featuring her children on social media platforms, which form a significant part of her work as an entertainer.

“He hadn’t seen her for two years, and the moment he comes to America for two years, all my videos, all my rights to post my children on my page are deleted,” she said.

Korra Obidi, hence, issued a call for support, “I hope you guys are seeing my life. But this is the GoFundMe, if you want to help with a lawyer, I need this help right now. The more he deletes my videos, the more my page will be deleted, and you guys will not see me anymore.”

In a post on her Instagram on Friday, she wrote on her story, “Dearworld, because I am a mother who makes music and dances, doesn’t mean I should have no rights with my children. Help me fight for my right, help me get it back.”

As the situation unfolds, fans and supporters of Korra Obidi continue to rally behind her, offering words of encouragement and financial support. 

The outcome of her legal battle remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: Korra Obidi's determination to protect her child's rights has sparked a wave of solidarity and support from those who believe in her cause

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